The Growth of IV Therapy

Within few years the popularity of IV therapies have been tremendous. Be it for hydration, medical, vitamins, gluthathione, the need is drastic. As you can see, throughout the United States, swanky clinics have opened at our service and too many practitioners have simply added IVs for vitamins to their menu of wide range of products. Although the mainstream of the IV are relatively new, the IV drips have been offered throughout Asia and Europe for many years now. There is a huge amount of benefits you can get online. IV at home therapy is also good for hydration, and this is true for patients who are suffering from severe dehydration out from the underlying illness.

The role of the office water cooler has changed over the years, making the transition from keeping thirst at bay for employees in offices to their installation in schools, factories, residential homes etc. Hydration is important for all people whether working, playing sport, at home, socialising or simply going about a busy day. However, in one section of society, hydration is particularly important. The elderly population are most at risk, both physically and mentally from dehydration. It is only in recent years that its physiological and cognitive effects have been understood. Much research has been undertaken to understand the connection between health and ageing. It is true that to be healthy and to function correctly; the human body requires a combination of carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, minerals, proteins and water. The most essential of these being fluid as digestion, body temperature regulation, and the smooth movement of joints and the elimination of waste products all require the body to be properly hydrated. Know about iv hydration therapy here!

Studies show that many sick, elderly people admitted to hospitals or seemingly suffering from the onset of dementia are found to be severely dehydrated. Dehydration is very common among this group of people. With age, the thirst sensation slows down, the metabolic rate decreases, and various systems become more sluggish and less efficient. Therefore, unrecognized and untreated dehydration in older people, due to the decreasing sensation of thirst, complicates chronic medical problems and increases the likelihood of death. Fear of incontinence can stop them from drinking fluids as they should but the resulting dehydration can lead to more severe illness in the form of kidney failure. Inadequate hydration in nursing and care homes is a pressing problem and can result in unnecessary illness although this can be addressed by ensuring adequate training of staff and constant availability of fresh drinking water. In the workplace, water is readily available due to common positioning of office water coolers but accessibility of water to the ageing population is fraught with complications. For more facts and info about IV Therapy, Visit

Moving forward, both physicians and nurses will need to communicate the advantages and benefits as well as the potential complications of IV therapy in order to their interested patient populations.